Beginners (Per Tank):   USD 80.00

Certified (Per Tank):     USD 60.00

  • Beginners Pack Includes: Pool lessons before going to the sea, transportation, equipments and dive master.
  • Certified Pack Includes: Transportation, Equipments and Dive Master.

About the Tour!!

Many of the leading scuba diving destinations in the Caribbean were first “discovered” by scuba divers. They were among the first tourist to visit and the infrastructure that developed catered to them. As tourism grew and attracted others, the scuba diver was already an important portion of the industry.

The premier scuba diving destination on the Dominican Republic’s north coast, Puerto Plata and nearby Sosúa are home to humpbacks, wrecks and reefs. In the three major tourist areas, you will find many all inclusive resorts that provide scuba diving as an option. If you are looking for a dive orientated vacation, they you may want to look at a small resort located away from the major tourism destinations.

Underwater environments in the Dominican Republic include mangrove forests, deep wrecks and a vast reef structure featuring cavernous swim-throughs and extensive coral formations. Many of the dive sites are suitable to beginners, and many of the island’s resorts offer discovery dives for those that have never blown bubbles before. Advanced divers can explore the coasts as the deep wrecks and walls.


You can still think of the Dominican Republic as a secret destination for divers, but with the Diving Tour of Marysol Tours you will get your mind changed


Once you get past the promotion of the all inclusive resorts, you will find the diving here rates with the best of the Caribbean. It is a year round destination. However, the conditions between the coast are seasonal.

On the north coast, summer brings calmer seas and better visibility. The average temperature across the year is about 25°C/77°F. Summers are hot and humid. Furthermore, on the Caribbean, water temperature averages 28°C/83°F in summer and 24°C/76°F in winter. 

There is a great variety of marine life in the waters around the Dominican Republic. The humpback whales that visit the Silver Banks and a few of the bays in the northern portion of the islands are a highlight in February and March. Year round you will find different species of pelagic such as eagle rays barracuda, nurse sharks, jacks and turtles. The reefs have strong presences of reef fish among the healthy reefs.


Ask prices for :

  • Boat trip
  • Discover scuba diving
  • DSD – 2 dive
  • 1 dive – open waterfall
  • 2 dives
  • Courses
  • Advanced open water
  • Snorkeling trip
  • DSD – 1 dive
  • Certified diving
  • 1 dive advanced
  • Wreck dive
  • Open water