Only for Private Groups (Charters)

Tour available on Mondays to Saturdays.
For reservations, contact a MarysolTour Agent to check availability.

Included: Coach trip, drinks, lunch, fruit, diving equipment, lifejacket.

About the Catamaran Tour in Puerto Plata!!

Relaxing out on the crystal clear waters, the caribbean sun on your back and the breeze in your hair is just the start of a day of fun with the Catamaran Tour of Marysol Tours!!

Sailing along the north coast to Sosúa where you can enjoy scuba diving. On the way back there is a small party on board. As we sail from Puerto Plata down to the largest living coral reef on the north coast, the day is just begining. As the staircase lowers into the cool sparkling waters the underwater garden awaits your discovery. Guaranteed to create memories that will last you a lifetime. So reserve now and avoid disappointment.

Swim among the colourful fish and vibrant coral at Sosua Bay and enjoy lunch onboard while sailing down the coast. Relax on the deck in sun before heading back to shore.

Get to know the Deep Sea Blue with Marysol Tours Catamaran Tour!! Don’t miss it!!

Catamarans range in size from small (sailing or rowing vessels) to large (naval ships and car ferries). The structure connecting a catamaran’s two hulls ranges from a simple frame strung with webbing to support the crew. A bridging superstructure incorporates extensive cabin and/or cargo space.

Catamarans typically have less hull volume, smaller displacement, and shallower draft (draught) than monohulls of comparable length. The two hulls combined also often have a smaller hydrodynamic resistance than comparable monohulls, requiring less propulsive power from either sails or motors. The catamaran’s wider stance on the water can reduce both heeling and wave-induced motion, as compared with a monohull, and can give reduced wakes.