Damajagua (Water Falls)


Full Tour (7 to 12 Falls):          USD 60.00

Children greater than 8 years old, pay as an adult. Children under 7 will have free entry but can only swim at the first fall in companionship of an adult.

Note: All 27 Falls are due to season (on Summer due to low rains will be available at most 7 to 8 and on Winter may be the 27 Falls). If you are coming on winter and wanna enjoy the full experience, call one of our agents. Also if you want to enjoy our Typical Dominican Food. You can order for only US$10.00 and you will be able to eat in the special BBQ Buffet!

This excursion includes transfer, entrance to the waterfalls, equipment, soft drinks and guides. This trip is half a day for about 4 1/2 hours. Children under 7 cannot visit more than one fall.

About the Damajagua River Tour (27 Charcos of Damajagua)!!

12 Waterfalls (Damajagua River Tour):

Come and enjoy the 27 Pools of the Damajagua River Tour! Perched in the rolling hills of the Northern mountain range of the Dominican Republic, this is a natural treasure that you will not find on any other part of this world. Indeed, Mother Nature has produced 27 beautiful pools, carved by the limestone. Be ready to have fun!!!

Although the 27 waterfalls have existed for millennia they were only recently discovered by the outside world. Therefore, the first tourists began arriving at the Falls in 1994, and little by little, word got out about this amazing natural treasure and spawned a guiding industry for the local young men. Nevertheless, ten years later, nearly 50,000 tourists every year come to Rio Damajagua to enjoy what Dominicans have known about for centuries.

Thus, the number of tourists coming to 27 Charcos has grown dramatically. In 1998, the local guides officially formalized their association in to the AGRD, the Association of Guides of Rio Damajagua. Our team has extensive experience as water guides and strives to ensure that your satisfaction is our number one priority. Our goal is to make the time you spend with us the highlight of your vacation.

At first, the tour begins at the beautiful, new, visitor center. Come and enjoy traditional Dominican food and beverages in the open-air restaurant with breath-taking mountain views. Next, make your way to the first waterfall on our interpretive nature trail on which you will encounter hundreds of species of tropical plants and birds.

The Waterfalls:

  1. The First Waterfall (“The Virgin”): Legend says that the Taino Indians who used to inhabit the area built a statue of the Virgin Saint of the Dominican Republic, Altagracia.
  2. The Perfect Waterslide (“La Tinajita”): “La Tinajita” At over 20 feet deep, this waterfall is one of the most exciting!!
  3. The Corkscrew: A fun climb and an even better slide on the way back down.
  4. T.O.Y.S.: This innocent looking waterfall has the tendency to make some tourists a little red in the face. You might want to tie up that swimsuit tight…
  5. The Cave: The waterfall that falls through the domed roof gives a fantastic massage.
  6. The Crystal: “The 8th” Tourists that climb up to this waterfall can be almost assured that they will not see any other tourists for the rest of the day.
  7. Hot and Cold: The water in this fall has separated into two different levels, but opposite from what you might expect: hot on the bottom and cold on top.
  8. Flor’s Fall: Flor Trejo was an old farmer who used to have a small plantation on one of the mountainsides near Rio Damajagua.
  9. The Jaiba: This pool, with its crystalline water, is named for the fresh water crabs that can be found living in a crack in the rock wall.
  10. The Hammock: About 16 years ago, a large vine hung from the tree canopy above the river that looked like a hammock.
  11. The Taino: The view form the base of this fall is one of the most beautiful there is. Enjoy!
  12. The Natural Pool: The most beautiful of all the waterfalls, the Natural Pool has characteristics that resemble a real pool. 
  13. The Last One: It really is the last one. Enjoy the view of the source of Rio Damajagua and the Tarzan vine swing above.

What to bring with you

  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Towels
  • Camera
  • Insect repellent
  • Water-shoes or sport sandals with a back-strap


As this excursion have some risks, please let us know if any member has Physical problems at knees, back and/or the heart, because you will have to walk up to the mountain for around 35 minutes, jump and slide.

Amber Cove Port Map:

This is the meeting point, you will have to walk out for around 6 minutes from the Port to the Highway, and when you get there please turn to the Right side to meet our guides, they will be holding a Marysol Tours sign and your name.

Come and Discover the best kept secret in the Dominican Republic! Ask us for the group price!!!