Horseback Riding


Half Day – Mountains or Beach:     USD 50.00

Full Day – Mountains and Beach:   USD 70.00

Includes: Lunch and 2 Softdrinks

About the Horseback Riding Tour!!

It will be our great pleasure to show you this wonderful tropical paradise on this horseback riding tour!! Ride through the jungle, villages and rivers with nice views.

We ride through villages in the mountains and enjoy the nature. Also we go swimming in a lagoon. Through sugarcane fields we have a ride to the beach. Here we can enjoy an amazing gallop. After we have enjoyed a gallop on the beach we ride into the mountains where we have magnificent views of the ocean, we cross little rivers and visit small dominican villages.

Horseback Riding is one of those can’t-miss activities while on your vacation. There is no better way to see the beauty of the Dominican Republic and its coastline, culture, and landscapes. Begin your journey with a scenic ride out to the horseback riding excursion base camp located on a private ranch nestled in the beautiful Dominican countryside.

Horseback Riding Tour around Dominican Villages, forest and on the Beach.

After a brief instruction session you will strap on your helmet, mount your horse and make your way through lush vegetation, fun trails, and small streams as you leave the ranch behind. Your bilingual guide will provide you with information regarding this beautiful part of the Dominican Republic as you pass by small houses, quaint farms and more as you make your way to Playa de Teco, an unspoiled stretch of sand and surf.

Upon arrival take a refreshing dip in the water, grab some stunning nature photos or just relax on the sand and enjoy the real Dominican Republic.

The horses are well cared and take pride in the ranch care program.  Together with our qualified English speaking guides everybody can ride. Whether you are new at this or an experienced rider, we will teach you to trot, canter or gallop. The ranch and the horses with their big hearts welcome you to feel, smell, touch and immerse in the nature of our tropical paradise. So saddle up and lets go!

What to bring with you

  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Towels
  • Camera
  • Insect repellent
  • Water-shoes or sport sandals with a back-strap
  • Swimsuit

Horseback Riding Safety

The tour guides will tell you the horses name and temperament and teach you how to mount onto their backs. Everything you need to know about how to signal to the animal, will be explained to you. The horses are very well trained and they know which path to take so you don’t need to worry about doing much handling. Also, guides are at the front and back of the pack to make sure everyone stays on course and is safe.

It is important when on a horse to practice proper posture. Sit tall, yet relaxed and don’t forget to breathe. You need to use your muscles and posture to stay mounted. When you put your feet in the stirrups, your guide will adjust them to your height for you. After, make sure you have your heels down and point your toes out.

Benefits of Horseback Riding

The benefits of horseback riding are fascinating since it is great for your core, pelvic strength, and inner thigh strength which do the bulk of the balancing. Mentally, being on a horse is very meditative, when riding you must focus on balanc. The actual ride, will clear your mind of the many other distractions you might think up on a regular day. On a slightly spiritual level, horses are very intuitive creatures and pick up on the slightest amount of tension. They are very connected to their rider, and a lot of people say they feel connected to their horses while they ride, too.